Our team

Antonio Santo


Is the founder and CEO of JALEO. He is a journalist specialized in videogames, culture and technology, and he is in charge of one of the main electronic entertainment magazines in Spain, FS Gamer. He is also a member of the jury of the Fun & Serious Game Festival (Bilbao, Spain). Antonio has also a remarkable artistic career: he has spent more than 15 years working as musician and he has received many awards as a writer; he was the only Spanish poet invited to WEYA 2012 (international young artists encounter organized as part of the London Olympic Games).

Diana P. Gómez

PR manager

She took her first steps in the indie games scene as organizer of the first Game Meeting congress in 2013. Since then she has focused her professional career in making the Spanish games industry known to the world as a consultant for indie studios and collaborated with the Spanish association of games development students AEV. Her passion for events management and production led her to a deep knowledge of the most important game industry events in the country, as well as to work as a technical producer in the Barcelona Games World.


Apart from our core team, we collaborate with a selection of reputed professionals for some particular projects. If you need help with your game narrative, music for a soundtrack or a trailer, a new logo, a full rebranding or any other kind of consultancy or content, let us know


Our games writer consultant and localisation expert.

He has been writing video games ever since 2005. He has been nominated twice for Best Narrative at the IMGA Awards and once for Excellency in Storytelling at Game Connection Paris 2015 for his work at Pendulo Studios (Runaway, Hollywood Monsters, Yesterday). He was eventually awarded Excellency in Storytelling at the American edition of Game Connection for the game Blues and Bullets by A Crowd of Monsters. When he is not writing, he translates video games into Spanish (Papers Please, Shovel Knight, Gods Will Be Watching…) and teaches in various universities across Spain.


Our resident musician.

He is composer and multi-instrumentist, with a Degree from the Conservatorio Superior (Music Superior School) of Málaga in Music Composition and Guitar. He teaches music and works as composer and musical producer for all kind of media. He spends his free time playing for his rock band, MenInBand, and playing video games


Graphic designer and Artist

He’s got more than 5 years of experience under his belt in creating all kind of graphic assets, and he has worked for important international brands in their campaigns. He loves combining his many talents and looking for a unique approach, melting illustration and graphic design and following the latest trends. He is the author of many corporate images, such as this very website and Jaleo logo!