Our services

JALEO is a PR and communication agency specialized in the video games industry –  but it is much more than that: we are as passionate about games as you are, and we want to contribute to the greatest exposure of the best indie games. Our team is composed of a group of qualified specialists with wide experience in different sectors of the games industry, so we also provide consulting services related to all the areas of video games development.  These are some of the things we can do for you – contact us to find out more details about JALEO.


We also have a multimedia production section. We work with a network of very skilled collaborators with experience in all kind of contents: media pieces, branded contents campaigns, music composition and production, illustration, design…

PR and communication

We will look for the most innovative, engaging and funny ways to advertise your game. We want to be like just another part of your team to understand your work and design a unique and personalized PR multimedia strategy that will help you to build your brand. Your communication can be part of the experience!

  • Media representation and PR
  • International media coverage
  • Event organization and representation in games events
  • Social media and community management

Bizdev Consulting

We will help your game to reach its true potential. We will provide you with our wide experience in the games industry in order to identify and correct the weaknesses of your product and to boost its strengths. We collaborate with a team of skilled freelance collaborators who can help you in any area of your development.

  • Publishing
  • Business development consultancy
  • Script angels
  • Translation and localization

Publishing and fundraising

We will help you to find the right publisher for your game and help you to create the best pitch to approach them. We will put you in touch with investors and capital funds specialized in video games. We can also represent you and provide you with legal advise so that you always understand what you are signing.

  • Search for capital and investment
  • Search for publisher
  • Legal consultancy
  • Publishing and investment pitches

Content production

We develop and produce all kinds of multimedia content: media pieces, interviews, illustration, radio, video, music: any type of content for both companies and media, including (but not limited to) pedagogic and artistic content.

Check out some samples of our work here — write us if you want a specific sample!