Our team

Antonio Santo

Founder & Director

Is the founder and CEO of JALEO. After years working as a journalist specialized in culture, technology, and video games, he decided to switch to the Dark Side of PR to sustain his bad habit of eating three times a day. He is also a member of the jury of the Fun & Serious Game Festival (Bilbao, Spain) and manages its b2b congress for professionals, the Games Industry Forum. Antonio has also a remarkable artistic career, with more than 15 years performing live music and many awards as a writer. He was the only Spanish poet invited to WEYA 2012 (international young artists encounter organized as part of the London Olympic Games). He always wear a hat, loves dogs, and laughts too loudly.

Jaume Esteve

PR manager

Jaume has worked as a journalist both in mainstream media (El Confidencial) and video games outlets (IGN Spain) for the last ten years. He loves video games with a passion and has worked hard to make a living out of them, turning from journalist to PR. He has published several books about the history of Spanish video games (Ocho Quilates, una historia de la Edad de Oro del software español) or focused on some of the most iconic franchises ever developed in Spain (Promanager. PC Fútbol: Droga en el quiosco). He holds a Masters Degree in Production and Marketing for Video Games.

Sam Sempere

PR manager

Tweeting artisan and Japan lover. After studying a bachelor in Journalism, Sam joined the video games industry through community management and public relations, but also as an occasional reporter (Terebi Magazine), customer support agent (Fortnite) and proofreader. Before joining Antonio and Jaume, Sam worked with indie games like Unmemory, 3 Minutes to Midnight and Enchanted Tales; and a big event organizer called GGTech Entertainment to promote the first esports league for Spanish high schoolers: IESports. Also, she is a staff member of the Valencia Indie Summit and wrote a short paper on the relationship between feminism and witchcraft in Japanese animation.