5 new indie games to play this summer

Summer is here and it’s time to relax and play some video games. We made a list with the world’s top 5 indie games you need to play. We swear it’s only a coincidence that all of them are with Jaleo. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try all this games by the end of summer! 

Esports Life Tycoon

From the creators of Youtubers Life, manage your own esports team. Sign up the best players. Train your super stars. Deal with distractions and critical events before every match. Expand your team and gaming house to win major tournaments around the world until you become the greatest esports team!

? Find it in Steam here! ?

Goat of Duty

Goat of Duty is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where goats armed to the horns bleat face to face in a relentless deathmatch. Ram and troll your friends, don the craziest goatstumes, and put your skills to the test in the quirkiest FPS ever. Are you ready to become the GOAT of goats?

Sushi Bros

Become the best japanese chef in Sushi Bros, Diner Bros new DLC! How difficult can sushi be then? It’s just raw fish and rice after all! You thought it would be easy, but now your restaurant is full of wannabe kabuki actors, divas in kimono dresses and even hungry sumo wrestlers. Your cousin is late with his delivery, and you just found out you have to catch your own fish…

? Find it on Steam here! ?

Injection π-23

Developed by indie spanish studio Abramelin Games and part of the PlayStation Talents program, Injection π-23 is a Classic Survival-horror set in a real town of Spain. Gameplay focused on solving puzzles, exploration and survival.

? Find it in the PlayStation Store here! ?


Effie is a 3D action-adventure game that combines classic elements from the genre, such as combat, platforming, and puzzles, with the exploration of an expanded world. Live a unique fantasy adventure and relive the look and feel of old-school video-games!

? Find it in the PlayStation Store here! ?


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